Nodegoat example projects

Nodegoat can be used in different disciplines and for different sources and specific questions. Nodegoat is thus not a rigid ’boutique solution’ that only works for a specific research project. It can be fully customised to the individual project.

At the University of Bern, Nodegoat is mainly used by the humanities, in the departments of history, archaeology, linguistics, musicology, theatre studies and others.

Exemplary projects and use cases can be found here:

Insights into the MANTO project:

“…In all seriousness, if you need a fully-customizable data platform for the humanities, Nodegoat is it…”

“…MANTO is built in Nodegoat, a new Pelagios partner. Finding this platform was a game-changer for the project. Its platform provides the ideal data collection environment: reliable, cost-effective, and precisely customisable to our specific needs. The public interface for MANTO is now available, and we welcome feedback…”