HistData is the blog of Dr. Kaspar Gubler, historian and medievalist at the University of Bern, Switzerland. I started this blog mainly to publish progress and news about my SNSF SPARK research project ‘Dynamic Data Ingestion for Data Harmonization’ (http://p3.snf.ch/project-190161), running 2020/2021.

The Intention of the SPARK programme according to SNSF:

“The aim of Spark is to fund the rapid testing or development of new scientific approaches, methods, theories, standards, ideas for applications, etc. It is intended for projects that show unconventional thinking and introduce a unique approach” 

Besides my work for the SNSF project, I am the initiator and co-leader of the digital development of the research project REPAC (repac.ch). REPAC unites several Digital History projects, such as the large data project RAG (rag-online.org), where I also lead the digital development. Further i’m secretary and member of the the advisory committee of Atelier Héloïse, an European Network on Digital Academic History (https://heloise.hypotheses.org).

Within the Digital Humanities and Digital History I am specialized in data modeling, data management and data visualization (also: troubleshooter for IT projects with a long list of problems). As a historian, I specialize in history of crime (https://www.chronos-verlag.ch/node/20832?highlight=gubler), history of knowledge and university history (https://vdf.ch/gelehrte-lebenswelten-im-15-und-16-jahrhundert-e-book.html?search=gubler&description=true). I am currently working on my habilitation about the University of Dole in the Middle Ages with a digital reconstruction of knowledge spaces. In my spare time: jogging, hiking, ocean sailing as a skipper.