Kick off SPARK Project: Dynamic Data Ingestion

On February 1 2020, this SPARK project officially started. Together with Geert Kessels and Pim van Bree (LAB1100) the kick off meeting took place in Montreux on Lake Geneva and the milestones for the project were set. Core tasks are the development of a new module for the virtual open source research environment nodegoat (github) for central data harmonisation and the creation of a common ontology with selected database projects. The kick off it made clear that we have to do the module development and the harmonization of the database structures in small steps and in very close coordination, which is why we decided for an agile software development and project management. The progress of the project can be followed in this blog. The project will also be presented at several events and conferences, such as the Research Day of the University of Bern (March 2020), in a panel at the Annual Congress of Italian Medievalists (Bertinoro, June 2020), in a presentation at the Annual Congress of Atelier Heloise, a European network on digital academic history (Bologna, September 2020) and at a conference on the use of virtual research environments (VRE) with ancient manuscripts (Dorigny, September 2020) as well as at a conference of the the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Scienceson on ‘knowledge locations’ (Bern, October 2020), which i will co-organise. The public SPARK workshop with data testing and results is planned for november 2020 in Bern, later a public lecture on the results will be held at the University of Bern.

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