Hector. Heritage, Culture, Norms – research platform @ Jagiellonian University in Kraków

I am looking forward to the first meeting of the members of the interdisciplinary research platform ‘Hector’ of Krakow University (Thursday, 16 March 2023).

„HECTOR: Heritage, Culture, Norms” is an innovative, interdisciplinary, international research platform project that is being sponsored by the Jagiellonian University in the framework of the Initiative of Excellence – Research University programme. “

The “Hector” Project is aimed to provide a proper venue for academic discussion on a wide range of topics on legal heritage: from transforming fundamental / universal values into norms, through the consolidation of the latter ones into artifacts, to their presence in the present as well as their role in the future.

Further information on HECTOR:

HECTOR – Legal Heritage Lab – Wydział Prawa i Administracji (uj.edu.pl)